Natural clean feeling, comfort for me

Natural sanitary pad, just like breathing of skin, Neosis

Introduction to products of NEOSIS

Various products and line up of NEOSIS
for clean and comfortable use
on your healthy and beautiful days.

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Brand story

We produce honest and safe products with the best technology and efforts to ease every woman of the world from the pain of period. We always do our best to produce more developed and hygienic products.

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100% Made In Korea

Neosis directly produces products in domestic plant
and domestic packing plant with thorough management
system of whole production process,
instead of cheap Chinese OEM.

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Cotton Therapy / SooAeHyang / Soft & quick

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International certified organic material and
quick absorption system

Our sanitary pads are produced with 100% pure ogranic cotton, certified by U.S. FDA. Since our sensitive parts can be connected with fatal disease only with small harmful substances, Neosis sticks to reliable 100% organic material and perfect absorption. Sanitary pad with no residual moisture, which is the cause of bacteria propagation and bad smell. Meet and feel new cleanness with comfortable sanitary pad with no skin irritation.

Cotton Therapy


Soft and quick

Natural clean feeling, Eco-friendly NEOSIS

U.S. Food & Drug
Goods & Factory

Boram C&H manufacturing process & goods are followed by FDA regulation

FITI Test Report

Global Safety Test performed

Organic Contents
Standard (OCS)

100% organic cotton certificate without any chemical / GMOs

Chinese National
Standard GB Test

Chinese legal sanitary permission
screening pass related to toxicity and